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The best blend of nutrients and organic matter.

Encouraging healthier soil and yields.

LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company. We specialize in providing farmers with premium fertilizer that can significantly improve their crop harvest and soil health for years to come.

We are passionate about creating healthier fields and soil, and we work hard to ensure that hardworking farmers receive the best fertilizer products for their farm.

Our premium fertilizer delivers the perfect blend of nutrients and organic matter that can have a positive impact on the growth of crops.

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Enhance Soil & Crop Health

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Organic Matter
Organic matter is at the very heart of our fertilizer product, making up 60-70% of its total makeup – meaning that for every one tonne of LaSalle pellets, you will be putting 1,323 – 1500 pounds of organic matter into your soil.
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Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for crops. LaSalle Agri's premium fertilizer provides it with a cost-effective option, which can benefit the farmers' bottom line. By utilizing our product, farmers can ensure healthier crops and higher yields, leading to improved soil health and greater profitability.
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LaSalle Agri's premium fertilizers provide consistent amounts ofphosphate for fields and encourages strong and healthy plant development.Phosphate is a crucial component in plant growth and plays a significant rolein photosynthesis. Our products deliver the perfect blend of nutrients andorganic matter, providing long-lasting benefits for soil health and cropproductivity.
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Organic Matter
Within 1 tonne of LaSalle Agri Product, there is 18 pounds of sulphur that will be directly placed on your fields and used by your crops. It’s a consistent amount of sulphur that helps avoid deficiency, resulting in better-balanced soil and greener crops.
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The Key Component To Agriculture

Phosphorus is essential to life. By adding phosphorus to crops it helps improves agricultural yields. This is why it is used worldwide as a fertilizer.It has an important role in the world’s food requirements. However, this resource is limited.

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Do you have questions? 

Where does the product come from?


We receive LaSalle Agri Premium Fertilizers from Water Resource Facilities across North America.

Is this a new product?


No. Premium fertilizers that use biosolids as a main component have existed in the marketplace for over 100 years.

Why are there piles of fertilizer in my community?


Farmers in your area have recognized the benefits of our fertilizer on their crops and have contracted with LaSalle Agri for supply. It takes a number of dry days in order for the farmer or us to spread the product

Why are some piles tarped and some are not?


Smaller piles are spread within a short timeframe. For larger piles we follow our BMPs and tarp the piles within a timeframe of the final load being delivered. We do this to protect the integrity of the product. Once the field and weather conditions are optimal for crop needs, we spread the product

Does this product have an odour to it?


Yes. Compared to other fertilizers our product has an earthy smell. You will notice an odour during and after spreading

What about dust when spreading?


At LaSalle Agri, we consult with experts and government agencies to minimize dust when producing and distributing our premium fertilizers. We use advanced equipment and technologies to reduce dust emissions. We are committed to continuously improving our processes and minimizing our impact on the environment.

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LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium fertilizer.
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