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What are Pellet Fertilizers?

Fertilizer Pellets are made at water treatment facilities that have undergone treatment to eliminate potentially harmful micro-organisms and is prepared to be applied to fields as a fertilizer. Bio-pellets offer valuable nutrients for soil health, including phosphate, nitrogen, calcium, sulfur, and other micronutrients. It also contains a very high amount of organic matter. It is prepared in solid, pellet form for ease in applying to fields.

LaSalle Agri Pellets

LaSalle Agri’s Pellets is a premium pellet fertilizer choice for your farm that encourages healthier soil and higher yields. We are proud to offer four different premium blends that can be delivered and applied directly to your fields.

Each of our products consists of the ideal combination of both fertilizer and manure, supplementing your soil’s natural blend with foundational nutrients to ensure a crop that consistently receives the needed ingredients to grow into a healthy and abundant harvest. It offers several advantages over other fertilizers because it delivers a large amount of organic matter and micronutrients, along with a natural form of fertilizer and all at a price that beat our competitors. Because of its dry and concentrated state, our pellets take the hassle out of transportation and can be delivered to your fields and piled after which you can spread it whenever suits you best. The pelleted form also creates less compaction and provides more carry-over than liquid fertilizers, giving you a better long-term fertilizer investment.

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LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium fertilizer.
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