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What are Pellet Fertilizers?

LaSalle Agri's premium fertilizer pellets are made at water treatment facilities that have undergone treatment to eliminate potentially harmful micro-organisms. Additionally, bio-pellets are an excellent source of valuable nutrients for soil health, such as phosphate, nitrogen, calcium, sulphur, and other micronutrients. The high amount of organic matter in the fertilizer pellets is also noteworthy. It's helpful that the pellets are prepared in solid form, making them easy to apply to fields for optimal results.

LaSalle Agri Pellets

At LaSalle Agri, we take pride in offering our premium fertilizer pellets. Our product is designed to promote healthier soil and higher crop yields. We have four different premium blends available, which can be delivered and spread directly on your fields.

Our products are a balanced mix of both fertilizer and manure, providing your soil with the foundational nutrients it needs to grow a healthy and abundant harvest. Our fertilizer pellets have several benefits over other fertilizers. They provide a large amount of organic matter and micronutrients, in addition to natural fertilizer, at a price that beats our competitors.

Our pellets are easy to transport because of their dry, concentrated state. They can be delivered to your fields and piled and can be spread whenever it is most convenient for you. Pellets also create less compaction and provide more carry-over than liquid fertilizers, making them a better long-term fertilizer investment.‍

Agricultural Benefits

  • Improved yields
  • Maintain or improve soil fertility
  • Supply of nutrients essential for plant growth, including nitrogen
    and  phosphorous
  • Provides an increase in soil health and plant health
  • Addition of organic matter to the soil
  • Organic matter in our product improves your soil’s moisture holding properties



  • Enrich soil without use of commercial fertilizers that are mined
  • Improvement of soil structure
  • Control soil erosion
  • Sustainable Farming: Does not deplete earths precious resources
  • Sequesters carbon
  • Preserve landfill space




  • Like all fertilizers our products should be applied in accordance with a nutrient management plan based on the crop requirements
  • We follow Best Management Practices (BMPs), from the initial stages of sales through to hauling, delivery, spreading and on-site farm storage
  • LaSalle Agri helped develop these practices with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
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LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium fertilizer.
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