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Agricultural Benefits

  • Improve and Maintain soil fertility.
  • Supplies nutrients that are essential for plant growth, including nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Provides an increase in soil health and plant health.
  • Adds organic matter to your soil.
  • LaSalle Agri's premium fertilizer improves moisture retention in your soil with its high organic matter content.



  • Enrich soil without use of commercial fertilizers that are mined
  • Improvement of soil structure
  • Control soil erosion
  • Sustainable Farming: Does not deplete earths precious resources
  • Sequesters carbon
  • Preserve landfill space




  • Like all fertilizers our products should be applied in accordance with a nutrient management plan based on the crop requirements
  • We follow Best Management Practices (BMPs), from the initial stages of sales through to hauling, delivery, spreading and on-site farm storage
  • LaSalle Agri helped develop these practices with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
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LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium fertilizer.
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