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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is LaSalle Agri premium fertilizer?


It's human manure that is heat treated and pelletized that kills all bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli which allows it to be a commercial fertilizer.

How much nitrogen will be available the first year?


A range from 50-75% will come available the first year.

Are you required to incorporate fertilizer in after spreading?


You don't have to till it in, the worms and micro organisms will incorporate it for you.

What other nutrients are in the premium fertilizer?


Sulphur, zinc, boron, magnesium, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and 70% organic matter.

How much organic matter is in the product?


70% organic matter is in this product and the highest levels of organic matter of any product on the market. 3 times more than straw.

Does this product have heavy metals in it?


Yes, similar to other manures and well below regulatory requirements.

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LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium pelleted fertilizer.
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