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Premium Fertilizer

The Power Of Fertilizer

​Fertilizers are food for plants: they provide the essential nutrients that they need to grow and thrive.

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Our pellets provide a perfect mixture of micro and macronutrients, and organic matter that complements the natural ingredients in your soil. They offer the necessary nutrients that may be deficient in your soil, which help to boost the soil’s health. By utilizing this blend, the crops can absorb the required nutrients for their healthy growth, resulting in stronger and healthier yields.

Let’s look at the breakdown of our pelleted fertilizer, which contains some of the core components of our product and its benefits to both fields and crops!

Organic Matter

Organic matter is essential to the success of any field and crop. Not only does it provide essential, natural nutrients to your soil, but it also improves the overall quality of your soil. Organic matter helps reduce water loss by making the soil better able to absorb water and hold that water until needed by the plant. With a lack of organic matter, soil often becomes hardened and crusted, resulting in water running off the fields, rather than being absorbed and used by the crop.

Organic matter is at the very heart of our fertilizer product, making up 60-70% of its total makeup – meaning that for every one tonne of LaSalle pellets, you will be putting 1,323 – 1500 pounds of organic matter into your soil.


Nitrogen is crucial for maintaining healthy soil and plays a significant role in the growth and maturity of plants by being a core element in photosynthesis. Lack of nitrogen in the soil can lead to smaller harvests and yellowing leaves, which may not be immediately noticeable.

LaSalle Agri Products provides the ideal amount of nitrogen for your fields. For every tonne of LaSalle Agri pellets, your soil will receive 90-110 pounds of nitrogen, guaranteeing that your crops have the essential building blocks for a healthy harvest. An added benefit of LaSalle's pellets is that the nitrogen is distributed in solid-state form, providing a 45% carryover into the first year, thereby making it a more effective long-term nitrogen source. In contrast, most competitors distribute nitrogen in liquid form, which costs around fifty cents per pound and does not offer the carryover that solid-state form does. Choosing LaSalle Agri products will save you money and ensure healthy crops, which will ultimately boost your bottom line.


LaSalle Agri offers farmers products that help provide consistent amounts of phosphate to their fields, thereby encouraging strong, healthy initial plant development. Phosphate is one of the key components in plant growth and plays a significant role in photosynthesis. A good way to determine if your fields are phosphate deficient is by examining the colour of the leaves, with phosphate deficiency typically manifesting as a purple-red colour, especially on the older leaves of the plant.

Each tonne of LaSalle product contains 70-170 pounds of phosphate.


With the efforts to reduce acid rain over the last three decades, the need for sulphur supplementation in North American soil has become increasingly important and is recognized as a growing area of concern for farmers.

Sulphur provides important support for your crops, including seed production, preventing stunted crop growth, and helping with photosynthesis. Should your soil be lacking in sulphur, your crops will display a yellowing colour, beginning with the newest leaves of the plant.

LaSalle Agri Pellets can answer this growing need for sulphur supplementation that many fields are experiencing. Within 1 tonne of LaSalle Agri Product, 18 pounds of sulphur will be directly placed on your fields and used by your crops. It’s a consistent amount of sulphur that helps avoid deficiency, resulting in better-balanced soil and greener crops, making your money and fertilizer investments go even further!

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LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium fertilizer.
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