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Better yields, better soil, better lands, better life!

Premium Fertilizer


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To operate harmoniously with the environment, to develop a passion to contribute to the preservation of a green Earth, To use our natural resources with innovation and sustainability.

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We partnered with charity organizations and government agencies to participate in Pro-Green campaigns that would help achieve healthier organic foods, to monitor against ongoing soil erosion, and help sponsor researches of our academic communities.

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​Our fertilizers are produced under hyper-vigilant international standards. LaSalle Agri Premium Fertilizers are measured by their impact on the improvement of the environment and the enrichment of our society.

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Innovation and sustainability. These are our core values and are an integral application of our entire work, in reaching out to the farmers that would help us preserve our Earth, and to inspire the passion for farming in the new generation.

Our fertilizer comes from repurposing the natural cycle of human nutrients.
We’re contributing for a better planet by using the best fertilizer.
Brent Veens

Brent Veens

Fertilizer Consultant

Brent comes from a strong farming family and understands what farmers need the most.

He built himself from these simple principles:

Customers who care about their soil and about producing healthier crops should get expert service from experienced fertilizer specialists for any farming projects with the best and sustainable agricultural technology available.

If you are looking for a consultation or a quote, please contact me at the number below:

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LaSalle Agri is a locally owned and operated agricultural company that specializes in providing farmers with premium fertilizer.
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